Proud mother of two, founder, CEO and determined builder of a national food brand that I created from the ground up and sold to a global nutrition company in 2016. I’m a life-long learner, I’m not afraid to share my knowledge or the benefit of mistakes and the grit it takes to reverse them. You need courage to come to market. Naiveté can only go so far. A solid strategy, industry knowledge, resource networking and sense of humor will carry you a lot further. I’m here to help.



Over her 20 years as CEO of her company, Lizanne Falsetto has earned respect as a category expert and business leader within a male dominated industry. Her insight of what works and what is trending in the business of food is matched with an instinct for new grazing ground and where the herd is headed next.  Warm human skills with intelligence are masterful attributes in the boardroom or the home. Lizanne shares both.

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