I’m excited by the food business: what’s new, what’s trending, what’s working – or not.  I am constantly having great conversations with entrepreneurs with new ideas. I have experience and tips that you might find useful. I’m excited to help in new ventures of possibility. It is good to share.



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H E R   J O U R N E Y


Lizanne Falsetto is an entrepreneur, foodie and media personality.

She is a mother, a wise and witty mentor to the next generation of entrepreneurs, and a motivational speaker who is not afraid to share mistakes along with the grit it takes to reverse them.


After high school, Lizanne turned down college and a basketball scholarship in favor of an international modeling contract. During her modeling career that took her to Tokyo, Paris, Milan and Sydney with labels such as Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, Lizanne created her own high protein, 0g sugar, food-on-the-go. This product, created in her own kitchen, became the foundation of the thinkThin bar, setting a trend as one of the first gluten-free products. Lizanne then grew thinkThin into a lifestyle brand and a national market leader, ultimately selling to Glanbia Inc. in 2016 for $215 million.

Over her 20 years as CEO of her company, she earned respect as a category expert and business leader within a male dominated industry. She has navigated the complexities of retailers, formulators, co-packers and consumer demands, learning and leading on the fly. Incredibly, she built thinkThin without borrowing capital. Her insight of what works and what is trending in food is matched with a keen curiosity for ancient techniques in healing and wellness. She is a pioneer.


Photo by Naphat_Jorjee/iStock / Getty Images


As a proud mother of two teenagers, she’s a homemaker and an active parent. Influenced by her own family, particularly her Italian grandparents, she finds joy in gathering and feeding those she loves. Warm human skills with intelligence and great energy are masterful attributes in the boardroom or the home.

Since 2010, Lizanne has been an active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization and World Presidents’ Organization (WPO/WPO). In 2014 and 2015 she hosted a benefit for The Whole Planet Foundation in support of micro-lending programs, assisting women in 59 countries out of poverty. As a philanthropist, advocate and frontrunner of health and wellness she has been involved with many causes, particularly support of cancer research and treatment.


She hosted a radio series for Sirius called “Female Rock Star Entrepreneurs.” She has also appeared on NBC, ABC and Fox, and has been featured in The New York Times, Business Week and the National Business News.

With established success and reputation, Lizanne will continue putting her energies to private, investor segments and the non-profit and philanthropic communities. And, as always, she will be trend spotting for the unusual, the wonderful, the ancient and the foreign things that we ought to know about.